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TvRadioWorld has been around since February 1996. The aim of this site has been to provide web surfers with accurate information on broadcasting worldwide as well as providing a positive web site experience (as each and every web site should). As much as we try, we can usually provide a positive web experience, but this would be all for nothing if we did not attempt to keep information as accurate as possible. TvRadioWorld will be the first to admit that this can never be achieved. Why? The broadcasting industry is ALWAYS changing. There are over 100 countries in this world of ours. There are hundreds of languages. Many countries literally have hundreds of broadcasting outlets (radio and TV), not to mention the explosion of many of these outlets moving to the Internet. The maintenance of all this data has become an overwhelming task for the small group of us that operate TvRadioWorld from our location in Chicago, Illinois, USA. With all this in mind, many people and web sites around the world assist TvRadioWorld with the up keep of this enormous amount of data. Many people contribute on a regular basis. Several other web sites share information between our site and theirs. Many others people send us a one time email to let us know of a change, or addition. Right now, TvRadioWorld would like to thank all these people and share a small list of the many who do contribute regularly to TvRadioWorld.

Special Thanks to:
Aaron Anderson - Bayrock FM, New Zealand.
A big thanks goes to Aaron for his help on the New Zealand section of TvRadioWorld.
Additional thanks to many others...
Erland Carlson - USA and Canada
Thanks to Erland for some many updates around the USA and Canada.

Thomas Pace - Malta
Thanks to Thomas for all the Malta updates.

Lorenzo Paulino
Thanks to Lorenzo for all the Dominican Republic updates.

Ivn Vargas Rovira
Thanks to Ivn for the numerous Costa Rica and South America updates.

Emmanuel T. Nwaimah
Thanks to Emmanuel for all the Cameroon updates.

Arthur Smith - Quebec City
Thanks to Arthur for all the various USA and worldwide radio updates.

Herman Boel - Belgium / Europe
Herman's DX Homepage

Sorry everybody, I know there are more people for this list than I have mentioned.
If I did forget your name, feel free to write a nasty email to us so I can add your name.
- Thomas C Hokenson
  Home >> Directory >> Site Credits
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